Family Files April 2019 - Person Sheet
Family Files April 2019 - Person Sheet
NameMichael SHINABERRY , M
Birthca 1773, Virginia
Deathby 3 May 1809, Knox Co., Ohio
BurialFamily Farm?
MotherMary , F
Misc. Notes
Michael left VA in 1802 at the time of the huge land sale of Lord Fairfax lands. In 1800-1801 he is in Lancaster PA for birth of William and Lydia. In 1805 he came to Ohio and settled in Fairfield Co. now Knox Co. Ohio398. (John Shinabarger and Michael Shinaberry came into OH about same year - John Shinabarger arrived 1805 in Mt. Vernon and 1809 into Mohican Twp, Wayne Co OH.)

Came to Knox Co OH with his family in 1806/07 and soon after family tradition says Michael was killed by a falling tree between 22 Oct 1808 when he bought land there and 3 May 1809 when estate opened and wife Catherine given letters of Administration.404

Michael bought lots 201-202 from Joseph Walker 22 Oct 1808. John Jr. purchased Lot 202. Unknown what became of Lot 202. In the 1830 Deed “Joseph’s share, as Michael’s heir, to lots 200 and 201. Again in the 1821 deed, John Shinaberry to Wm Shinaberry, we find the same two lots as being John’s equal share (indenture) or 9th part of these two lots but no mention of lot 202. Catherine’s share is mentioned as being one tenth part, therefore, at that time, 1814, when Michael’s estate was settled, Michael and George, supposedly sons of Michael, were deceased. The lots are again mentioned in 1825 deed of Michael and Catherine CRAMER to Joseph Davis (Lydia Shinabery) and Wm Shinaberry. There should be some record of John Jr. having sold LOT 202.”404

Letters of Administration for Michael Shinaberry’s Estate dated 3 May 1809 Knox Co. OH. Michael had a granddaughter Margaret with whom he lived and favored in his Will. Estate settled 1 Jan 1810. 63

There is a series of deeds and indentures in the court house at Mt. Vernon, Knox Co. OH involving the family of this Michael Shinaberry. One of these instruments, between the heirs of Michael Shinaberry, dated 1814, names his wife Catherine, and his children: Polly, John, Nancy, Betsy, William, Liddy, Malinda, Joseph, Rebekah. Their surname was also spelled "Shinnaberry" and "Shenneberry" at times.86 420

“Shinaberry descendant living in Texas. She remembers the original Shinaberry home, a little log cabin, situated not far from Mr. Vernon near a Shinaberry crossroads.”63

Family history and family sheets contributed to Vera Bunyard by Dorthy Wiedenback Shinaberry, Wilfarene Hendeson, Florence Paugh, and Marjorie Carb. 86
Birthabt 1773, Berkeley, James, VA11
Death1843-1850, Richwood, Union Co., Ohio
FatherDietrich BARNES , M
MotherAnna ZEISTER , F
Marriageca 1792, Virginia
ChildrenMary “Polly” , F (1794-<1842)
 John Edward , M (1796-1845)
 Nancy , F (1796-1886)
 Elizabeth “Betsy” , F (1798-1890)
 William , M (1798-1855)
 Lydia “Liddy” , F (1801-1886)
 Malinda , F (1803-1871)
 Michael , M (ca1805-ca1806)
 Joseph Barnes , M (1806-1885)
 Rebecca , F (1809-1887)
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