Family Files April 2019
Family Files April 2019
Created by Patricia Bunyard
These pages follow 21,000 people and over 11,000 families of both the SHINABARGER and BUNYARD surnames plus many allied families and variations of spellings of the Shinabarger surname.

In the summer of 1996, I took on the task of compiling and typing my mother's notes and research, hoping to create a short history of our family. With little intention to do much more, I soon became involved with literally rooms of research, personal correspondence, history books, family sheets, stenographer notebooks full of data and endless scraps of paper with notes and jottings. So began my journey. It continues to this day.

The world of Internet,, Find a Grave, and DNA are game changers. The wealth of information available, growing each day, is amazing. These resources also provide a means to make this information available to others so the research may continue.

History is written on the basis of painstaking research, moderate doses of opinion, and a reasonable amount of conjecture. This is how I approach my project, as absolutes are not possible without benefit of personal experiences, diaries, and documentation of events of the time. At some level, people are unknowable and it will remain this way without benefit of Time Travel. I must accept that aspects of my ancestor’s character, even identity, may remain hidden forever, parts of their stories impenetrable.

But there are answers I continue to seek. Who is the father of our oldest Shinabarger ancestor, John Shinabarger 1764? Who are the parents of my oldest Bunyard ancestor, James Beal Bunyard 1744? Since modern technology, researchers are not alone and some pair of eyes out there will find the connection I seek.

“I believe. The answer is out there.”

I invite you to contact me with any documented corrections, additional information or theories. The best way to approach this information is by clicking on the Home Card or searching the Surnames.